Photography has always been an essential part of my being.  I can best express myself through the simplicity of tone and shape.  When I think of starting a project, I am inspired by light and dark rather than subject matter.  I believe conveying light and dark tones effectively in an image are the key to arousing feeling and emotion.  I want the viewer to be immersed in tone and shape and from there create their own reality.  My work can be whatever the viewer perceives it to be.  The work then becomes a unique interpretation of each individual looking at it.  I like to think of my photography as exposing an unseen part of myself.  It is an expression of my feelings, thoughts, emotions, and imagination flowing from my mind to the camera.


Giclee prints are hand made to order using only exhibition quality canvas stretched over wood stretchers.  All prints are printed on ink jet printers using archival inks.  Non-standard frame sizes are available.  Standard printing paper prints are also available in gloss, satin or matte.



  • Hasselblad D3H with Leaf Digital Back with Wide through Tele Lens

  • Nikon and Canon DSLR's with Wide through Tele Lens

  • HDMI Recorder for high bit rate uncompressed video.

  • Black Magic Cinema Camera's, Nikon Glass.

  • Zoom H4N, Shotgun and Livelier mics, Pre Amps, Pole and cables

  • Doorway Dolly with track, 10’ Jib with remote tilt/pan head and grip.

  • 60” motorized slider for time lapse and continuous motion projects

  • LED, tungsten and fluorescent lighting

  • Color managed 3.8 Ghz, 16 GB memory,  After Affects CS, Premier Pro CS, Lightroom CS, Photoshop Extended CS, Red Giant effects and color.

To each of our clients, we thank you for your continued support and look forward to working with each one of you again. It is truly a privilege to represent your company with our work. If we have not yet worked with you or perhaps it’s been a while, we hope that this has provided you with a brief glimpse into what we do and how we can help portray what you do best. For more information, feel free to give us a call at our studio, we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have or discuss a potential project with you.


Commercial photography, HD video production, film, format conversion and video editing.  Special event, conference, documentary, 35mm sensor technology HD (High-Definition).


  • Commercial photography, $35.00 to $80.00 per hour

  • Videography & videographer Services, HD Video production - 2K, 4K Rates dependent on shoot specifics and travel, normal range $35 to $70 per hour.

  • Full Grip, and gaffer/electrical services - 25.00/Hour

  • Location shoots - $35.00/Hour + 15.00/Hour travel (Washington State)

  • Timelapse video - 60" motorized slider and 20 foot motortized dolly - $30.00 per hour

  • Studio shoots - $65.00/Hour, includes green screen

  •  Multiple Camera - each camera + operator - $25.00/Hour, minimum 4 hours, HD 2K.  Red cameras by Quote. 

  • Other Video Production in High-Definition (HD), Standard, or Blu-Ray output $40.00/Hour

  • Special effects, VFX, motion graphics - Adobe After Effects - $50.00/Hour

  • Wedding Videography - filming and producing weddings for video production & High-Definition (HD) - Quote per wedding

  • Commercial photography by quote

  • DOP and Cinematography by quote


Films, Commercials, Documentaries:


  • Bullets Blood and a Fistful of Cash - Feature Film - Still Photography, production crew

  • Following - Feature Film - Producer, DOP

  • Halos and Rainbows - Producer, Short Film - DOP, Camera Op

  • IPTV the next Cable - Documentary - Editor

  • Nokia Commercials - Commercials - Editor

  • AT&T - Commercials - DOP

  • Microsoft - Commercials - DOP

  • Art and Marriage - Short Film - Producer, DOP, Camera Op

  • Silver Bullet - Live Concert - DOP, Camera Op, Editor

  • Illumni Concert - DOP, Editor, Sound

  • ceoxkid Music Video - Producer, DOP, Editor

  • Rockwell Music Video - Producer, DOP, Sound

  • Desert and Suicide - Short Film - DOP, Camera Op

  • 348 – Short Film – Producer, DOP, Camera Op, Editor

  • Look Up in the Sky - Web Series - DOP

  • Dad and I - Short Film - DOP, Sound,  Editor

  • Henryk - Feature - Executive Producer, Production Sound

  • Closer - DOP, Camera Operator, Editor

  • Exposure - DOP, Camera Operator, Editor

  • Everyone wants to be – DOP, Sound

  • Clifford & Martia Webseries – DOP, Editor

  • Happy Anniversery - Director

  • The Contest Movie - DOP

  • Life Socks - DOP